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These brushes stand up to texture gels, mediums, and even water-mixable oils. All Liquitex Freestyle brushes feature ergonomic handles for hours of comfortable use.

The WEST swimming technique relaxes your body, treats neck/back pains and helps your recover after any injuries you may have. Today we understand that one must adjust  to his physical abilities and lifestyle, rather than force his body to train in one general way. The WEST swimming technique is based on 3 factors  suiting itself to each swimmers body shape , physical ability and lifestyle. The technique is specifically modified in order to  ensure  that each individual swimmer benefits.

Following the Freestyle Fellowship releases of To Whom It May Concern... and Innercity Griots as well as a Project Blowed compilation in 1994, Aceyalone signed as a solo artist to Capitol Records after Island failed to break the Freestyle Fellowship on mainstream radio. [5]

Freestyle Project - Free StylingFreestyle Project - Free StylingFreestyle Project - Free StylingFreestyle Project - Free Styling